What is the Best Shaving Cream?

What is the best shaving cream? A question that can only really be answered by the shaver. But with an enormous number of choice out there it is always nice to have a starting point. So below is to my top five list of shave creams that I have used that I would consider the best shaving cream that I have come across.

In order for any best of any value there has to be some sort basis of comparison along with a list of elements to compare. If you haven’t used one of the soaps listed below you will have to give one a go in order to find out if we are on the same wavelength when it comes to shave creams. If we are great! You can trust my reviews even more, if not I guess you should be focusing on reviews of creams that I did not enjoy.

To keep things simple my choice are based on a combination of:

Efficacy: The most obvious. The all around performance of the shave cream in provided a irritation free shave, sufficient cushion, and moisturizing ability.

Scent pleasantness: A category that is really based on the user, but if you have used one of the shave creams below you will have a basis to go off of.

Cost: Not so much how cheap you can purchase it, but rather value for you dollar.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado – I haven’t come across a Taylor of Old Bond Street Cream that I didn’t really enjoy in some way, but the Avocado was one of the first I used and has a very distinct smell that it is always my go to recommendation for anyone who asks what cream they should try.

La Toja Shave Cream – A scent that really needs to be experience to be explained properly, not to mention a great shave.

Proraso Blue – Proraso is one of the staples of the male grooming world and I’m not sure that they produce very many items that are not enjoyable. They are probably most famous for the Green scent, but I would have to say that their Blue line is my favorite.

Speick Shave Cream – Like the La Toja a scent that really needs to be experienced to be understood.  I gave my partially used tube away to a friend and I regretted it.

Sapone da Barba Al’s Private Stock – Al’s Private Stock is a great example of what the wet shaving world has to offer.  As far as I know it is only available online but most definitely worth it.

What would your list look like? Add your list in the comment section below.

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