Wet Shaving and Travelling – A Quick Guide

I am finally heading off on a week long family vacation, splitting our time between Washington D.C. and New York City, and while packing my bag this morning, more specifically my shaving gear, I decided to share what I bring with me when I am travelling and a wet shaver.

We will be driving so I will not have to deal with airport security and any carry on luggage situations. If you are flying you will of course need to take into consideration any restrictions, mostly with trying to carry on a straight razor, but issue with double edge razors are also possible.  But it is a minor inconvenience if you plan properly.


Gillette Travel TechFor this trip I am packing a safety razor, specifically my Gillette Travel Tech. It is tiny, really tiny, takes up next to no space, not that a regular size razor takes up much room, but when you are trying to limit your packing to a single bag all the space counts.

I take my little Gillette Travel Tech apart and tuck it into a black leather carrying case that I picked at some point. There is room for a pack of extra blades, shave stick, brush, well everything but some aftershave (image below). But if you would rather not pack everything into a small case, or you prefer to use a standard size razor, you still have a couple options.

The first is to use a full case for your razor, handle in and snap the cover shut (available on Amazon). The second option, and the one I prefer of the two is to use a double edge razor protective cover.  I received mine with my wet shave club box, but you can pick them up rather inexpensively (Maggard Razors had some in stock at time of writing).


Depending on the length of your trip you may or may not want to bring one of your better shave brushes.  The trip I am heading on is rather short so I am o.k. with simply packing my Omega Boar brush in my leather case and not being to concerned about any damage (I haven’t ever really had any damage issues but you never know). Taking a less expensive brush is also beneficial if you happen to leave it behind at a hotel, make the loss much easier to take.

But if you would rather travel with one of your better brushes there are steps you can take. One thing you could do is purchase a brush designed specifically for travel. The Vulfix Turnback Super Badger Travel Brush (I found one on West Coast Shaving) is one of these brushes, I have never had the pleasure of trying one but it looks cool. The brush tucks away in the handle when not in use ensuring that it will never get damaged.  Great idea, seems a bit on the large size, not sure if I would ever invest in one myself but it is out there if you want it.

Another option is to find yourself a prescription bottle and toss your brush in the bottle, cap it, and you are all set. If you don’t have any bottles around the house your local pharmacy will probably sell you a bottle for a couple of dollars. You may want to drill a hole in the bottle to allow any water to escape.


If there was ever an argument for the shave stick it is while travelling.  Lathering directly on your face, no need for a bowl to build your lather or carry you soap, no tub of shave cream that takes up space, or tube that might pop open. What else can I say.  Pack your stick of Arko (or La Toja or Palmolive) and be on your way.

shaving travel kit


I tend to not pack any aftershave when travelling.  Again if my trip was on the longer side I may make the extra space in my bag for a bottle, which I would toss in a ziplock bag to be safe.  But on shorter trips, and one lacking space I prefer to simple pack my alum block. It takes up much less space than the aftershave bottle, and it will help in case of a nick.

If you are an avid traveller you may want to invest in a toiletry bag and travel specific tools. But if you are not, I would pack light, and make do with what you have.

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