Time to Change that Blade

A common question asked by many newcomers to classic wet shaving is ‘how many shaves should I get from my blade?’.  The simple answer is its different from person to person, when it no longer feels comfortable it is time to change the blade.

If you are looking for a more detailed answer it depends on various factors.  One is the blade that you are using, some blades will have a longer life than others. Which is partially dictated by the coarseness of your beard. A more stubborn beard with dull the blade much quicker than one that is less course.  The more you put your blade through the duller it will become.

The sharp blade should glide across your face without any pulling or burn.  When you start to feel that pull it is probably time to change your blade.  Another indicator is if you notice that your shave is resulting in an uneven shave – leaving patches of beard after your first or second pass. Finally if you notice while shaving that your are using more pressure than usual (you should be using little pressure) to try to get a smooth finish it is possible time to change your blade.  If you are still not convinced, if you face is feeling raw or sore after your shave you definitely need to change your blade.

In the end don’t spend too much time thinking about it.  A new blade for the most part only costs you a few cents, especially if you are using Derby, Astra, or any other low cost blades.  For more information on blades take a look at this post.



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