Red Leaf – Black Tea Shave Soap


Value: 8/10
Cushion: 8
Slickness: 8
Scent Pleasantness: 7
Scent Strength (balance): 4
Moisturising: 5

My Chisel Shave Club box has provided a couple of nice finds so far Red Leaf’s Black Tea shave soap being another one. This is my second soap that I have tried from Red Leaf the first being their Oatmeal, Milk and Honey scent, I would say that I have had a similar experience with this offering as I did with the first.

The scent of the Black Tea soap is more of an essence of black tea than truly a black tea smell, but the point is made.  It is actually quite nice.   I would have preferred it to have somewhat of a stronger presence though, by the time I lathered up and started shaving the scent was rather difficult to pick up.

Lathering didn’t prove to be a challenge at all, whether in a bowl or directly on my face, I found the soap was willing to co-operate with various levels of water that I added to it.  Not fighting your shaving soap is always a nice bonus.

CIMG0420As I stated above my soap was a sample size but the Red Leaf offers their soaps in these wonderful cubes as well. The cubes can then be used as you would a shave stick directly to your wet face – a nice bonus. Red Leaf’s website suggests simply building the lather with your fingers and hands.  I gave it a try – it works but I prefer my brush – it keeps my hands clean and dry for my razor, plus I found better lather was produced.

In the end Red Leaf’s vegan, hand-made, Black Tea shave soap offers a good value, distinct but slightly weak scent, and something slightly different in their cube. It is worth trying out. Check out their website here.


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