Proraso By Any Other Name – A Review of C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream

Price: 10
Cushion: 10
Slickness: 9
Scent: 9
Moisturising: 8


ceo1I felt like I was in a Shakespearean play, but instead of a beautiful woman I was dealing with wonderful shave cream. I found myself staring in the mirror re-working Shakespearean lines “Proraso by any other name would smell as sweet – er… Menthol eucalyptus-y” . Before you get annoyed and navigate away due to your confusion I’m talking about C.O. BIGELOW Shave Cream with Eucalyptus Oil which is essentially Proraso Green in a different tube. This isn’t a dirty trick either. It’s right there on the packaging.

I can confirm that outside of the packaging the C.O. Bigelow provided the same experience, at least scent wise (I have only used Proraso Green in a tub). After a bit of research I found that, according to some, the two are identical with the exception of a single ingredient. So what’s the point? Not sure really, and I stopped myself from researching the answer simply because I would become obsessed if I didn’t find it. I assume that it is remnants of days gone by, before the internet essentially made obtaining any product from anywhere possible. But I digress.

ceo2Back to the cream. If you are familiar with Proraso Green then that is what this smells like. If not then you should really pick some up. Whichever is easier, the C.O. Bigelow or the Proraso. For me it is one of the classic scents of wet shaving, a real ‘manly’ feel to it. There is a nice balance between the Eucalyptus and Menthol. I have read some people refer to it as having a medicine type feel to it which I would have to disagree.If anything I would imagine that people making that claim just haven’t really been exposed to many shaving products outside of the drug store big boys – nothing against them – but when reading an opinion you really need to consider everything.


The lathering process was great as well. I was able to build up my lather much quicker compared to that of the Proraso Green in a tube. The lather was nice and full, provided excellent cushion and a surface that was nice and slick for my blade.

If you are a fan of the Eucalyptus and Menthol scent the reality in my opinion is that the C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream is the only shave cream that you would ever need. The price is great, as is the performance, what more could one ask for?

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