La Toja Shave Cream – A Review

Updated: December 19, 2016


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My initial surprise with my tube of La Toja shave cream was the sheer size of the thing. It looks, and is massive, compared to most of my other tubed shave creams. Which, as it turns out, is a really good thing because as I did with my La Toja shave stick, I absolutely love the La Toja in cream form. It is an example of everything that is good about wet shaving, this is now my official “let me convert you to wet shaving” shave cream.

What makes this cream great is more than its fantastic, easy to build, protection providing, and surface building lather. The feel of the cream and the scent – oh the scent – screams barber shop. If you close your eyes you can transplant yourself into a barber shop (any era you want – mine is always the 50’s). With the right music in the background and some magazines you may never leave your bathroom.


The best way to describe the scent of the La Toja shave cream is – not to stereotype – but manly. I can’t seem to really compare it to anything other than it having a natural smell too it – makes me feel like I should head out and chop down some trees. But all joking aside couldn’t tell you what it smells similar to, but I love it. Comments are open if someone can help me hone in on the actual smell of the product.


The lather is just as impressive as the scent for me. It takes very little effort, and is very forgiving when it came to using the ‘right’ amount of water. The lather didn’t dry out, or leave my face feeling dry, with the my initial building of lather always being enough to last me three passes. A nice amount of cushion and slickness made for an excellent shave experience and quality final result with each shave (4 total prior to writing this review).

If you tried the La Toja shave stick and enjoyed it, I would suspect you will feel the same about the La Toja shave cream. If you haven’t tried it it is well worth a try. I can’t really see anyone hating this cream, you may not love it as much as I do, but hate – unlikely.

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