How to Prevent Acne After Shaving

If you are experiencing acne after shaving there are some step you can take to minimize the acne and irritation. Acne from shaving differs in that while ‘traditional’ acne you would have experience as a teen in that you are dealing with blocked and irritated hair follicles. As with most things in shaving an enjoyable and effective experience starts with proper preparation and proper shaving technique. But there are some steps one can take to help.

Step 1

Using a cloth and warm water get your face nice and wet. This will help prepare your skin for the sharp blade that is about to rub across its surface by making your skin soft and opening your pores.

Step 2

Use a quality shaving cream that is designed for sensitive skin. Try to stay away from the goop that you find in your grocery store aisle.  Look for something like Proraso White Shave Soap Sensitive Blend (you can also check it out on Amazon) which is specifically designed for sensitive skin using both aloe and vitamin E which are both work to help heal your skin.

Step 3

If you found your way to this site you are probably already using or considering using a classic style double edge razor, if you are not and dealing with shaving acne you may want to consider a change sooner rather than later. There are many reasons to make the switch but when it comes to sensitive skin you want the fewest number of blades rubbing on your face as possible. Another reason for using a single blade is that with multi blade cartridges you run a higher risk of ingrown hairs as the first blade lifts the hair the following blade could slice the hair too short potentially resulting in skin growing over the hair.

Step 4

Try to only shave in the direction of your hair growth.  Although many of us believe that our facial hair grows top down it is not the case for everyone.  Take a look at this article on mapping your beard grain for more information.

Step 5

Final after your shave be sure to help the healing process with a high quality face tonic, something like Baxter of California Face Tonic  or even consider using witch hazel as an alternative to aftershaves that are alcohol based.