Green Shave All Natural Shaving Cream – Review


Updated: January, 5, 2017

Looks like Green Shave is no longer in business.  The review can still be found below.

544507_10152643246120442_956973351_nI received a couple of jars of Green Shave’s All Natural Shaving Cream last week and finally had a chance to use both products. According to their website, Green Shave products are free from any parabens, sulfates, or preservatives which makes this an attractive choice for some.  In addition of being free from these additives, Green Shave creams contain all natural products which include Organic shea butter, aloe vera gel, sesame oil, almond oil, green tea, castor oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oils. So if you are into the all natural, Green Shave shaving cream may be a good option.  I tend to stick to the ‘big players’ when it comes to shaving creams and soaps, mainly because they are a bit easier to obtain and of course have greater exposure. So I was both curious and excited to receive these two tubs of shave cream.

The Green Shave Original Scent

IMG_6578If you are a fan of Disaronno then stop reading and just order yourself a tub of the Green Shave original blend.  I must have stood at my counter smelling the soap for 30 seconds debating whether or not I should go and make myself a Sicilian Kiss. The scent is quite nice, not too strong, but strong enough to remind you that you are using a shave cream that is almond based. I found the consistency of the cream to be thicker than that of Taylor of Old Bond Street Tub, perhaps more creamy is the best way to describe the texture of the soap itself.

I used my Edwin Jagger Best Badger brush to lather the cream (the website points out that you could lather the cream using only your hands, but suggests a better result with a shave brush), at first feeling like I wasn’t using enough water, and then that I may have used too much. The cream didn’t lather the way that I had expected it to, instead it created more of a creamy lather than a foamy one, leaving me a be concerned about the shave itself.  Fortunately my concern was not needed. The shave cream was actually quite nice to apply – very full, and it shaved really well providing great lubrication for for my razor – with no pulling or tugging. What I was most impressed by was how well the Green Shave Shaving Cream moisturized.  I didn’t notice straight away, but found myself rubbing my face so often, impressed by how soft it felt, prompting my wife to question what was wrong with me.

Green Shave Eucalyptus Shave Cream

IMG_6581The Eucalyptus blend is reminiscent of the Proraso Green Blend, just without as much punch. If you are a fan of the Proraso green, and are looking for something a little less tame, along with a natural twist to it, you may like the Eucalyptus blend.  I used my Omega Boar Brush to lather this tub and found it that it provided a more desirable; resulting in too much cream in the brush, having to wash much of it away after my shave. The shave with the Eucalyptus blend provided an equally impressive performance as the Original blend – slick surface, nice shave, and left me with a soft face.

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