Edwin Jagger DE 87 bl Razor- Review

Updated: December 15, 2016


Blade Change:

Writing something new about the Edwin Jagger DE 87bl, that hasn’t already been mentioned in the Edwin Jagger 89lbl review, and the Edwin Jagger DE 86 is somewhat difficult.  All three razors share the same head and as a result the same great shaving experience.  The difference between the three is the handle.  The 89lbl being chrome and lined, the handle of the 89bl being strictly chrome, the 86 is a faux ebony, and the 87 faux having a faux ivory finish.

If you are looking for review of the quality of the shave I would check out the write up on the Edwin Jagger 89lbl (along with the chrome finished handle), for a write up on the handle I would take a look at the 86 write up (the two handles have essentially the same feel). The one thing to consider when making your choice as to which razor you should purchase simply the colour of the handle.  But regardless of which handle you decide on you will be more than happy.