Comparing Proraso – Green, Red, White & Blue

Proraso Green was the first shave soap that I had purchased that was not from a can of some sort.  The smell was invigorating, having to use a brush made me feel ‘old school’ and somehow cool.  Since that first experience I have worked myself through the various ‘colors’ of Proraso and I compiled a quick break down of each and what they are best suited for.

Proraso Green

proraso green

Proraso Green is what I consider Proraso’s flagship product. For me the Eucalyptus and Menthol scent is solely associated with Proraso. It has a very refreshing, cooling feel to it make it a great choice for the summer, but I find it pleasing any time of year. Choose Green for you typical skin type – a middle of the road soap.

Proraso Red

comparing proraso

The Proraso Red line has recently made a come back after being discontinued a few years back. The red line is aimed at those with thicker beards. The sandalwood scent is nicely balanced and the Shea butter helps keep the skin soft.  Use this if you have a heavier beard or shave less often.

Proraso White

proraso white

Proraso White, containing oatmeal, green tea, and thyme is also aimed at those with sensitive skin. There is still a hint of menthol in this soap but much more subdued. Choose this if your face hates it when you shave.

Proraso Blue

Proraso Blue Shave Cream

Finally the Proraso Blue line.  For sure my second favorite of the four, at time I feel it takes over green for top spot. The blue line is formulated with the skin in mind. Ingredients include vitamin E, Aloe, and licorice all to help keep your skin healthy.  The Blue line has a real “manly” musk type scent to it.

Regardless of which soap I reach for I always have an enjoyable experience with Proraso, each soap lathers well, each has its own distinct scent, making each rewarding in its own way.  The Green and Blue line come in an aftershave as well making for an easy post shave decision. Check out TopOfTheChain for more information.

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