College Shaving Kit – A Classic Shaving Guide

Its that time of year again when thousands of students are leaving the comfort of their families to embark on the journey that is college.  For some it will mean eventually landing that perfect job, finding a life long partner, knowledge and of course for most a mountain of debt. Fortunately there is some money to be saved when it comes to your shaving routine (or at least if not saved redirected to other directions). Below is what my college shaving kit would look like if I was heading off to college, keep comfort and quality in mind without losing site of affordability.


The most obvious place you are going to save money is with blade costs.  You can buy a 100 pack of double edge razors blades for a fraction of the cost of cartridge razors.  In fact I would imagine one single 100 count box would last you your entire time in college; possibly into your post grad studies. Where as a pack of cartridge blades will maybe last you a term, possibly a full year.  Take a look at the price comparison below. I prefer Astra blades, but if you are looking for something with a bit more of an edge, the Feather blades still make for a good choice.


When it comes to a razor there is no need to spend too much cash.  You need something that will last, and of course provide you a close and comfortable shave.  Although many razors could fall into this category I would suggest the Merkur 23C (review here).  It is priced right. Has a solid construction that I’m sure could handle a fall or two from the bathroom sink. And it isn’t overly aggressive.



The brush for me is a no brainer.  The Omega Boar Brush.  It gets the job done.  You can beat the crap out of it and not feel bad about it. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Buy yourself a higher end brush once you get a job.



In the last little while I have become a big fan of face lathering, and with it using shave sticks.  They just seem to make sense to me – rub it on your face (no need for a bowl) and lather away with your brush (for more on face lather read here). Although there are many shave sticks out there I have to suggest, arguably the most classic of them all, Arko (Arko review here). Some soaps may smell better, some may even work slightly better, but none will give you the satisfaction of price, effectiveness, and awesome packaging. By a pack of 12 and you might be good till you get married.



Once again many products to choose from but I will have to go with another classic line here: Clubman Pinaud. They have many scents to choose from but I would suggest their classic formula (read a full review here).


Although the amount you spend on shaving is minuscule compared to the other cost associated with going to college, you can make a small dent in those costs, while looking and smelling good at the same time.