Why does my new badger brush smell bad?

A while back I gave a friend of mine a badger brush, the following morning I received a text asking Why does my new badger brush smell bad? A fair question. Perhaps one that I should have informed him about prior to giving him the brush. He just recently started using traditional wet shaving items, so not understanding why his brush smelled the why it did was forgivable. Needless to say, if you was confused – and possibly concerned – others must have the same question.

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How can one blade be better than five?

This is the question I get asked most by friends and colleges when they find out about TheCloseShave.com. My first response is always the cost difference between the two, which seems to peek their interest. Plain and simple. A box of 100 Astra blades that could potentially last you a couple of years is roughly equivalent to four Gillette Fusion Blades.

The follow up question is almost always -“Well the

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