How can one blade be better than five?

“How can one blade be better than five?”  is the question I get asked most by friends and colleges when they find out about  My first response is always the cost difference between the two, which seems to peek their interest.  Plain and simple. A box of 100 Astra blades that could potentially last you a couple of years is roughly equivalent to four Gillette Fusion Blades.

The follow up question is almost always -“Well then why don’t more people use a double edge razor?” Once again a simple answer. A need for a new product, lead to impressive marketing campaigns, which through the use of celebrity, convinced that their “modern” product – with more than one blade – was the better option.  Many bought in.

Fast forward a few decades and the cartridge system is the accepted shaving tool. At a price people have come to believe as the norm. But the reality is that more blades don’t provide any better of a shave than one.  The closely spaced blades do not allow a clean cut of the hair, requiring multiple passes.  The multi blades may also promote ingrown hairs because the first couple of blades can pull the hair up, the last few cut them too short, and they end up growing too far below the skin surface.  Of course this would effect some men more than others.

In the end the biggest reason to use a double edge razor in stead of a five blade cartridge is cost.  Why pay more for a result that may actually result in a lesser experience?