Black Standard Razor Review


Blade Change:

A couple of months back I picked up a Black Standard Razor from /r/shave_bazaar over on Reddit. I wasn’t really familiar with the razor and the price was right so I thought I would give it a try. It sat in my shave cabinet for some time, a victim of my new found love – the Merkur Progress – which has monopolized my shaving routine now for roughly the same amount of time that the Standard Razor has been in my possession. The wait was worth it.

The first thing you notice with this razor is the finish, no other way to describe it other than being super sexy (I’m sure that there are more than a few people out there that would not refer to a razor of any kind as being sexy – but they they may change their mind after taking a look at this razor). The matte black, smooth finish simply looks fantastic, you can leave it sitting on your bathroom sink and your wife wouldn’t mind.

But looks are not everything, aside from the aesthetics of the razor you will notice that the Black Standard Razor is rather light which isn’t too surprising because it is made from aluminum, but nevertheless it is very very light. I had some concern over the weight of the razor but it was quickly extinguished with my first couple of passes.  The razor felt great, almost as if it was floating across my face.

The cutting head of the razor is not aggressive but I wouldn’t call it overly mild as well.  It is nicely balanced, at least for my face. If you prefer using a mild razor you may really enjoy using the Standard Razor. Every shave was irritation free.

I am very impressed with the Black Standard Razor and a bit surprised that there isn’t more discussion and fans of the razor out there. Really it has everything you want in a razor a great shave and a sexy modern look. One thing that it doesn’t have going for it, and I’m assuming part of the reason that there isn’t more discussion around this razor, is the higher cost of this razor.

At the time of writing the Standard Razor website is sold out of all of their stock (after asking around they apparently make new runs as needed), but the razor is available from several online retailers;, Maggard Razors, WestCoast Shaving, and even up on MassDrop. The razor is available in Black and Raw.


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