Barrister and Mann’s Ferox Shave Soap – A Review

Updated: December 27, 2016


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Sick of this never ending winter, I turned to shaving as a way to forget about what Mother Nature has been up to for the last five or six months, so I turned to shaving to cheer me up. I still have a couple of Barrister & Mann soaps to work through, I gave the few soaps I haven’t used a quick sniff and decided to go with the Ferox. It had a fresh, spring type feel to it, so it only made sense.

I took a quick look at the ingredient list for the Ferox shave soap and it kind of reminded me of a Jamie Oliver recipe. If you have ever used any of his cookbooks you will know what I mean.  Along with sage, thyme, rosemary, the Ferox shave soap also has tea tree, vetiver and grapefruit – an awesome combination that is probably difficult to imagine without the soap in front of you.

e11dfb2caaae11e2bdce22000aaa0927_6I have to be honest and say that I was hoping that the dominant scent was going to be the grapefruit, mainly due to my current love for Taylor of Old Bond Street Grapefruit Shave Cream, and partially due to this weather making me want to pack up all my things and move to Florida where summer things can almost always be found (I’ve never been but I that is what I imagine). For me the dominant scent has to be given to the sage and rosemary, with the tea tree standing out in the lather. The combination of the fragrances works really well, and I would imagine when combining so many fragrances one really doesn’t want a single scent to be so dominant that it makes the others meaningless. I will say that I struggled to make out the grapefruit, but it didn’t take away from the experience in the least.

As with all of the Barrister & Mann soaps the Ferox was a joy to lather, not requiring too much water the soap quickly built up in my scuttle and I had a nice rich lather in no time. If you haven’t read my other Barrister & Mann reviews I will quickly state that the soap doesn’t dry out on your face, it gives your razor a nice slick surface to work with, and provides an all around great shave.

If you haven’t had a chance to try any of the Barrister & Mann soaps, Ferox might be a great place to start – collectively we can will on the Spring. It is a couple of dollars more than some of their other soaps but definitely worth the cash in exchange for such an interesting blend of fragrances.  Check them out at

Tools used:

Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Omega Boar Brush