A Short Argument for Face Lathering

For the longest time I would only lather using a bowl, but I lately I have found that I have been leaving the bowl on the shelf an opting to simply face lather. I’m actually at a point where I feel like the bowl may be unnecessary for me outside of taking some photos of lather for a review that I have written.

I find myself less concerned with developing the perfect looking lather when I lather directly on my face. Instead I go by the way that the lather feels – whether it is too dry, too wet, or simply not enough soap or cream on the brush. I also feel that it preps my beard a bit better due to the extra attention from my brush.

I’m sure some of you have an argument for using a bowl, and there was a time that I would have only used that method, but I’m having a hard time seeing myself going back to the bowl. No bowl also means one less item to clean, or to purchase for that matter.

Have your say.  Do you a bowl or face lather? Take the bowl or leave a comment.

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