Wilkinson Sword Classic Razor – Review

Updated:December 16, 2016


Blade Change:

My very first reaction to the Wilkinson Sword Classic Razor was that it reminded me of one of my cartridge razor systems.  It has a hard plastic handle (with a metal bar inside it) along with plastic head, it brought back visions of spending way too much for razor replacements.  Luckily it isn’t a cartridge system, it does take DE blades, and may be a nice little razor for those on the fence about making the switch from Cartridge shaving to Classic shaving because of its weight, look, and feel.

The Wilkinson Sword Classic Razor has a two piece design, with the plastic head coming off of the handle.  I will have to admit that I didn’t like the feel of the component, it felt cheaply made, and the installation of a new blade into the head wasn’t a smooth affair, fumbling somewhat with keeping the head straight while tightening the handle.  At no point did I feel like I was going to crack the plastic head, but this was the first time since my very first razor where I felt like I might cut myself installing a new blade.

Wilkinson Sword Classic RazorDespite my concerns over the plastic head of the razor and the overall cartridge razor feel to the Wilkinson Sword Classic provided a nice shave, not a great shave, but close and comfortable enough.  I would have to classify the razor as being a mild razor in terms of aggressiveness with very little of the blade being exposed, making it a poor choice for those with a heavy beard.  The razor was a bit light for my liking, preferring the weight that a chrome handle usually provides. As you would expect the plastic handle provided a nice grip and overall the razor was easy to maneuver.

If you are considering making the switch to classic shaving but have some reservations you may want to give the Wilkinson Sword Classic a shot.  If you end up not enjoying the experience it would have costs you too much and you can give the razor to someone else to try.  The razor would also make a decent travel razor, it’s light, relatively inexpensive, and if you lose it you really wouldn’t feel all that bad about it.

The lake of weight makes it somewhat difficult to comment on the balance of this razor.  Having said that I had no trouble adjusting to the use of this razor.

Love it or hate it the plastic handle provides you with grip.

Blade Exposure:
As mentioned above, this is a fairly mild razor, with little blade exposure.

This razor is a bit too light for me, between the plastic in the head and around the handle, it just can’t make up the weight.


You can’t argue with the price, but if you are more confident than not that you plan to make the switch from the cartridge system to classic shaving you may want to spend a bit more and pick up a ‘better’ razor.



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