Why Use Pre-Shave Oil?

For the most part, Pre-Shave Oil has not been part of my shaving routine. However, over the past few months I have noticed that my skin has been somewhat more sensitive than usual. Not sure why really, I’m chalking it up to the weather change, but I guess aging could have something to do with it (I’m going with weather for now). Regardless of the reason, I have been including the use of Pre-Shave oil as part of my daily routine.

The idea behind Pre-Shave oil is to give added protection to your skin before applying your lather. The added protection provides some added moisturizing along with helping with irritated skin and razor burn.

Of course using Pre-Shave oil is dependant on whether or not you would benefit from it, and not a necessary step. If you do decide to start using Pre-Shave oil, try to find a brand that uses natural ingredients, and one that isn’t too thick. Thicker oil is more difficulty to deal with -from building up in your razor to cleaning off your face.

Using the oil itself is quite simple. With your face rinsed, using a couple drops of oil in your hand, massage a thin layer of oil onto your face. Give the oil 60 seconds or before applying your lather.