Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Cedarwood Aftershave

I received a bottle of Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Cedarwood Aftershave a while back but never got around to writing a review, probably due to not really enjoying the aftershave all that much.  It isn’t that it is a poor product, but rather the cedar scent and me just didn’t agree.

If you like the outdoors or really enjoy the scent of the inside of a cedar chest you will probably enjoy this much more than I did. The cedar scent is blended with eucalyptus, which is also quite noticeable. Eucalyptus on its own I tend to enjoy, just not in combination with the cedar.  It just isn’t for me, maybe if the scent was a bit more subdued it would have made a difference.

Scent aside, the Whiskey, Ink, & Lace Cedarwood is very effective at doing what it is meant to do. My skin didn’t dry out after use and it did a great job with any nicks that I may have had. Another positive is that I found that a little bit went a long way. In fact the ingredient list is rather impressive, you can have a better look here, but I particularly like the use of both aloe and witch hazel in the product.

So in the end your decision is simple; if you really enjoy the cedar scent and are searching for a new aftershave this is it and you can find more information and ordering detail on their website  On the other hand if you are not an outdoors-man or don’t really have an affinity for cedar boxes – keep looking. I do plan to pick up a few more products from Whisky, Ink, & Lace, I just feel like the Cedarwood was the wrong place for me to start.

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