Where’s The Bay Rum? – A Review of Col. Conk Bay Rum Shave Soap

Price: 10
Cushion: 6
Slickness: 7
Scent: 2
Moisturising: 6


Col Conk shaving soaps are one of those products that I have a hard time speaking poorly about. Col Conk Almond soap was one of my first wet shaving soaps that I purchased, and as a result I think of it fondly (not sure if it is normal to feel fondly towards a shaving product but I do). Since then I have picked up a few more scents from the Colonel, the Lime, Amber, and the Bay Rum – which is the subject of this review.

P1010007As with all soaps I get excited about that first sniff of a freshly opened package. Unlike most soaps, Col Conk Bay Rum did not overcome me with a terrific fragrance that had me thinking about my next shave for most of the day. In fact I had great difficulty detected any scent at all, if I was blindfolded I would have guessed fragrance free. Concerned that perhaps there was something wrong with my sense of smell I had my confirm that the scent was without a doubt lacking. I was more than disappointed. Sadly lathering the soap did very little to bring out any fragrance from the soap.

Happily the lather performed as I expected from a Col Conk soap. I was able to build a decent lather rather quick, provided a decent amount of cushion and a slick surface. That is not to say that Col Conks Bay Rum provided the greatest surface I have ever had from a shave soap, but for the cost, I feel it is what one would or should expect.

If you are on the fence as to whether or not to invest in a puck of Col Conk Bay Rum you need to ask yourself how important fragrance strength is vs. how much you wish to spend on a puck of soap.  If you are looking for a Bay Rum soap that has a stronger scent you may want to turn your attention else where and consider something like one of the Ogallala Bay Rum Soaps which offer a variety of Bay Rum fragrances.

Tools used:

Parker 92R
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush