When Your Standard Lather Just Isn’t Enough – Superlather!

P1000852Nearly all wet shavers are after perfection in their shaving routine – closer shave, fewer nicks, and of course better lather. Superlather – the process of combining hard shave soap with cream – is another option in your quest for that perfect lather. The combination of the two provides you with a denser lather, more slickness, more protection, and an endless amount of scents you can create between your soaps and creams.

For this demonstration I used my tube of Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood along with a puck of Col. Conk’s Almond shave soap. In addition to a soap and cream I used my Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brush, and my shave scuttle. If you don’t have a scuttle a bowl will work just as well.

number-one-Warm up you scuttle – both in and out.
While you scuttle is warming up you can let your brush soak in your  scuttle.


Empty your scuttle. If you wish you could empty the reservoir as well and refill that with warm water. Take your cream and place a small dab in the bottom of your scuttle, spreading it out a bit.

number3Load your brush with your hard soap.


the-number-4-in-a-circle.jpg1Build your lather, combining the cream in your bowl with the soap on your brush. Adding water if needed.


P1000850Part of the joy of making Superlather is trying to find that combination of cream and soap that produces not only the best Superlather – but the best combination of scents. The possibilities are endless – you could of course use an unscented soap with a scented cream that you really enjoy – for example using my Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado shave cream with my
Unscented Barrister & Mann soap. Other, more adventurous combinations; Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn shave soap with Geo F. Trumper’s Sandalwood shave cream, or even Col Conk’s Almond with Proraso Red.

You can take this whole process a step further and venture into the land of Uberlather where one adds liquid glycerin to the combination. Although it improves your lather it comes with the trade off of having to spend more time cleaning your shave brush.

Comments are open if you want to share some combinations that work for you.


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