What’s The Grade? Understanding the Badger Brush

When it comes to shaving brushes you have many options. badger hair, boar hair, horsehair and synthetic shaving brushes. Brushes for people who use soft soap and brushes for those who use hard soap. Expensive brushes and cheaper brushes. Shaving brushes with different size handles, made out of different materials and different colours. The one thing that is certain is that there is no single best brush – there are ‘better’ shaving brushes – but it all boils down to, for the most part, personal preference.

We are going to focus on badger brushes today, which if you are just entering the world of using a brush for your shaving lather it could be a bit confusing.  There are different grades of badger hair – so simply heading out to pick up or ordering your brush online is not so straightforward.  Broken down for you below are three grades of badger hair brushes that should get you going.

Pure Badger

Shaving BrushPure badger brushes tend to be the least expensive option when it comes to shaving brushes because the hair that is used comes from the hair that cover the majority of the badgers body. These brushes range slightly in colour from a dark brownish colour to grey and black.  Pure badger brushes tend to be a bit more scratchy compare to higher quality badger hair brushes which makes it a good choice if you are looking for a brush that will exfoliate your face. Some men actually prefer the feeling that the courser pure badger brush provides. However those with sensitive skin may find it too much of an irritant. The pure badger brush usually works well with hard soaps because of how coarse the hair is. The Perfecto pure badger brush is one example.

Best Badger Brushes

The next step up price wise is the best badger brush. Best badger brushes come from the underbelly of the badger and requires a few animals to obtain all the hair for the brush. The colour of the hair tends to be a light brown to grey shade.  It is also softer compared to the coarseness of the pure badger brushes, as a result it has a softer feel to your face, less scratchy, but still provides a scrubbing feeling.  The best badger brush is a good choice for soaps or creams – its ability to hold more water than the pure badger makes it a good choice for creams that need a bit more water to create lather. Read a review of the Edwin Jagger best badger brush.

Super Badger

The hair on that is used on the Super Badger brushes comes from the neck and mane of the animal – about 10% of the animal fur is used in the creation of this brush and as a result requiring several animals.  The super badger brush tends to have silver ends with black or dark grey center.  The super badger has an even softer feel than the best badger, but at the same time being a bit firmer because the density of the hairs that go into making the know.  When it comes to soap it is best used with creams simply because it isn’t as firm as the other brushes mentioned.

As mentioned above you have a lot of other options – boar hair, horsehair, synthetic.  In the coming weeks we will take a look at these other option.  But in the meantime the information above will hopefully get you on your way.

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