What’s in a Name? – A Breakdown of the Merkur Line

Navigating the Merkur line of razors at times can be somewhat confusing, especially if you are new to classic shaving.  Many of the razors have proper names along with numbers to identify them.  The problem being that not everyone uses one system or the other.  To complicate matters further, Col Conk – a distributor of Merkur in the USA assigns its own number to the equation.  So for example the Long Handled Classic is also known as the 23c and is also known as the 180 by Col Conk.  Hopefully this list helps shed some light on the mystery of the Merkur names.

With the exception of the Futur, Progress, and the Vision the Merkur line shares razor heads.  So the open comb is the same on all open comb razors, as is the safety bar between razors, and of course the slants -37 c and 39c – are different as well.  So what it boils down to after head selection is handle.


The 1904 Classic Open Comb

aka the Merkur 41

3 Piece Head

Nickel finish instead of chrome


The 1904 Classic

aka the Merkur 42

3 Piece Head

Nickel finish instead of chrome

Review Here


merkur barber pollLong Handle Barber Pole

aka The Merkur 38

2 Piece Design

Available in Red, Black & Blue


merkur-12c-barber-pole-safety-razor-long-handled-open-combLong Handle Barber Pole Open Comb

aka The Merkur 12c


MRK39CLong Handle Barber Pole Slant Bar

aka The Merkur 39

2 Piece Design


merkur 180Long Handled Classic 

aka The Merkur 23 aka The 180

The 33 is the long handled version of this razor.

3 Piece Design


merkur 25cLong Handled Classic Open Comb

aka The Merkur 25c

3 Piece Design

Review here


Heavy Classic

aka The Merkur 34C aka 178 aka 34 HD and as the 34G for the gold plated version

2 Piece Design


merkur_11c_heavy_duty_razor_with_wide_tooth_combHeavy Classic Open Comb

aka The Merkur 11C

2 Piece Design


Heavy Classic Slant Bar

aka The Merkur 37C aka 37G for Gold version aka the 198

2 Piece Design


The Futur

Adustable razor

Available in Gold, Satin, and Chrome


The Progress




The Vision