My Favorite Shaving Soaps

I was going to write a ‘what is the best shaving soap’ article, but instead decided to call it what it really is, My Favorite Shaving Soaps. Let’s be honest, a best of list of shaving soaps would be rather difficult to defend. Many things to consider – fragrance, price, ingredients (tallow or glycerin-based), process, and of course effectiveness.  All of these items are dependant on each individual user.

My selection of soaps range from established classics, to the up and coming, to the unknown.  My criteria was simply based on the number of times that I reach for them over the others in my cabinet when I’m not in the middle of reviewing a new soap.

Why do I reach for a particular soap?  Above everything else I am looking for the most comfortable shave I can get. Followed by the fragrance of the soap – I enjoy a nice smell. Finally ease of lathering – although I enjoy the process I don’t want to be standing in front of my bathroom sink all day trying to build that perfect lather.


best shave soapCella the soap that prompted me to start The Close Shave after a shave in Tropea, Italy.  The sweet almond scent, wonderful lather and close shave will have you reaching for this over and over again.

proraso greenProraso Green the first shave soap I ever purchased was Proraso Green from a local drug store.  Another classic Italian soap with a classic Eucalyptus and Menthol scent. If you haven’t tried it you really should.

elvado bay rumElvado,  from a Canadian based company, maybe one of the best kept secrets to wet shaving. I tend to reach for the Bay Rum tub, but I enjoy them all. This should be on everyone’s top five list.

Barrister-and-Mann-Barrister & Mann a small endeavour that quickly became a crowd favourite. I have used many of their soaps and the Sandalwood stands out, but really, you can’t go wrong with any of their soaps. 

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