What Razor is Best for Sensitive Skin?

When I get asked what double edge razor is best for sensitive skin, my first response is always to question their preparation routine. Are they producing quality lather? Ensuring their face is adequately hydrated? Are they holding their razor correctly? The reason I ask these question prior to moving on to what razor is best is because although many men believe they have sensitive skin, many just have a poor shaving routine.  But if after ensuring the problem is not your preparation or technique, you can start to take a look at razors.

If you have sensitive skin and are new to wet shaving looking for your first razor, or just not happy with your current double edge razor, your probably best looking for a razor that would be classified as somewhat in the middle when it comes to aggression. Something like one of the Edwin Jagger 8x razors or one of the Merkur solid bar razors like the 23C. The medium aggression will allow you to perfect the cutting angle and amount of pressure needed to get that close shave.

It is important to keep in mind that you will not find the perfect razor without a blade to compliment it. If you are dealing with sensitive skin, in addition to a razor with medium aggression, you probably want to experiment with different blades.  It is probably best to buy a sample pack rather than buying 10, 20 or a 100 Feather Blades only to find that they are too sharp for you.

Another option that I would imagine many people would not recommend as your first razor, is an adjustable razor.  If you are unfamiliar you can read more about them here. But essentially you can set how aggressive the razor is. You could start it at its lowest setting and work your way up until you find that sweet spot. It is probably best to perfect your technique before moving on to an adjustable with the Merkur Progress, but there is no reason you couldn’t learn using one.

In the end when it comes to shaving and sensitive skin there are many options to help you in the fight, between a proper preparation, razor and blade selection, you can also help your skin with post shaving routine that helps expedite the healing process.