What Is The Best Safety Razor?

Updated: January 8, 2017

Of course it is not possible to provide an answer to what the best safety razor is.  There are simply too many factors to consider when trying to come to that conclusion; the blade that you are using, your skin type, your type of facial hair, the shave soap you are using, and I’m sure there are some that I am not thinking of at the moment.  But not wanting to let you down, I can make suggestions based on the razors that I have used, that I consider the ‘best’.

I’m going to separate the razors into three categories based on cost, low-end, mid-range, and mid to high end. I haven’t had the pleasure of test driving a razor that I would consider ‘high’ end, at least when it comes to cost – I’m thinking of the Seki Edge Feather AS-D2  – I just haven’t been able to find the strength to part with that much cash just yet so I am not able to suggest a razor in that category.



The choice for my low end razor will have to be RazoRock Mirrored Pole. You can read the full review here. The RazoRock twist to open design will give you a sense of what you are looking for in a razor. The price doesn’t really require a second thought.



My mid-range choice is an absolute no brainer – the Edwin Jagger 89lbl – I would probably say that is my ‘best’ razor, regardless of category. It offers a nice balance between quality and performance. You can read the full review here. (It’s worth pointing out the the entire Edwin Jagger 8x line offer the same design with, each with a different finish.  Check this out for me information.)

Mid-High Range


This was a bit of a difficult choice but I decided to go with a more recent acquisition – the Merkur 43C – a very weighty razor that has a long, substantial handle that provides a very comfortable shave. Not to mention that it looks great. Of course it will cost you a few more dollars than some other options, but if you have some don’t hesitate to use them on this. Full review can be read here.

I could have broken down the above by type of razor (TTO, 2 – piece design, 3 – piece design), but went with the above because I think when it comes to the question of “what the best de razor is?” I assume people are thinking overall not by type.