What is a Slant Razor? A Different Head for your Shave

A slant razor is, as the name suggests, a razor that has a slanted head. The slant razor has grown in popularity over the last few years with new brands entering the market – a market that can be argued was dominated by Merkur for the most part.

Why Use A Slant?

The idea behind the slant razor is that it slices through your beard stubble with greater efficiency than that of your standard razor head. Think of the slant acting almost like a guillotine as it moves across the stubble. I notice the biggest benefit using a slant razor when I have several days growth. That is not to say that you can only use a slant razor with multiple days growth, I just notice the biggest benefit with a few days growth. You may also find it beneficial if you have a coarse beard.

How to use a Slant Razor?

Using a slant razor isn’t very different from a standard razor.  My suggestion would be to load the razor with a blade and proceed as you normally would.  But for an additional perspective here is a video from mantic59.

What Slant Razor should you buy?

Choosing a slant razor use to be a bit easier when there were fewer options. As mentioned above Merkur use to be, and perhaps still are, the go to brand for slant razors with the 37c and the 39c (same as the previous but with a longer handle) there wasn’t too many other easy options. I currently own the 37c and a bakelite slant razor. I enjoy both. More recently RazoRock has introduced a slant, so has Maggards, Fine, iKon and others. Here are some options for you to consider:

The Merkur 37c (39c)


A solid razor, with the reputation of the Merkur name behind it, has been providing me great shaves since I picked it up a couple of years ago. Perhaps the only slant you will ever need to buy. I have the short handled version (review of the Merkur 37c here) but the long handle has an identical head.

The Bakelite Slant

This one might be a bit more difficult to find, probably needing you to take a looking somewhere like /shave_bazaar over on Reddit.  The Italian Barber was selling these a few years ago and couldn’t keep them in stock.  I was fortunate to get my hands on one. Being bakelite the razor is super light, which I would have expected a poor shaving experience as a result, but the opposite was true.  A great experience and shave.

As mentioned above other potential options include Maggards Slant, Ikon has a couple of slants, the RazoRock slant, and there is also the high end Above the Tie Colossus S1 Slant Bar Safety Razor. All of which I haven’t used but have heard decent reports on each.