Wet Shaving Camping Kit

As a kid I went camping a total of zero times. I had parents who came from the old country and camping was simply something that you didn’t do. Their thinking makes sense to me because I in many ways am just like them. After all we spent thousands of years getting off the ground, why would anyone ever trade their comfortable mattress and safe home for an air mattress and the safety of a zipper on a tent? Fast forward 40 years or so and things have changed now that I have kids of my own, and a wife that enjoys camping. The kids are having fun, my wife is having fun, and while I am having fun watching them have fun, I am wondering why we don’t sleep in a hotel.

All kidding aside I have grown to enjoy camping.  The outdoors, no electronics, it makes for a great way to force you to relax. What camping also provides is a chance to have some time to myself while I give myself a shave in the great outdoors.  I’m sure that many of you out probably feel like there is no need to shave while you are camping, that it is part of the whole experience, I am not one of those. I prefer my face smooth and my bed indoors – so if I can’t have one I will have the other for sure.

A Look At My Wet Shaving Camping Kit

20160708_104816-01.jpegUntil recently the razor I would have included in my camping shave kit would have been my Gillette Travel Teck (review here).  It’s compact size made it a no brainer.  Only thing I didn’t like was the threat of loss while camping. As of a few weeks ago my go to travel razor is the second discount razor that I picked up (review here). It works well, the case comes with a small mirror, and if I break or lose it its no big deal because it only cost me a couple of bucks.

For shaving cream I only reach for one of my shave sticks; Arko, Elvado, Palmolive, etc. They take up little space, application and lathering takes place exclusively on your face which, depending on you camp site, may be a big bonus.

For my shaving brush I almost always reach for my Omega Boar Hair Brush. It works just fine and it wouldn’t cost me much to replace.

And finally for aftershave I would pack a newly discovered product for me – the aftershave balm in stick format. A full review of Sam’s Natural Shave Balm can be found here, its perfect for situations like camping.  Cap off, rub on face, and cap back on. Simple and it works well.