A Visit to Pasteur Pharmacy

Well I finally made it to Pasteur’s Pharmacy in New York City, one of the great brick and mortar stores for wet shaving supplies and it was not disappointing. If you are unfamiliar with Pasteur’s it is probably due to not spending enough time on wet shaving blogs and discussion boards.  It has become a must visit destination for all wet shaving enthusiasts, the selection of soaps, brushes, razors, and after shaves is awesome, bordering on overwhelming.

Pasteur PharmacyI have become accustomed to ordering all my wet shaving supplies online, mainly due to the lack of availability elsewhere.  Being able to see and smell so many different products in that narrow aisle was definitely a different and welcoming experience.

Pasteur PharmacyWhile visiting I encountered a gentleman who happened to be listening to me speaking to my friend about my excitement which lead to a very lengthy, and welcome discussion on shaving soaps.  Something up until that point only happened for me online.

20160317_173407.jpgIt really is something you need to see to fully appreciate it so if you find yourself in Manhattan you really should take the time to pop into Pasteur’s Pharmacy.  The selection ranges from the really affordable to the extreme.

Pasteur Pharmacy


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