Ursa Major “4 in 1” Face Tonic – A Review

ursa 1I decided to capitalize on my new found desire to have a healthier looking, cleaner face by adding Ursa Major’s “4 in 1” Face Tonic to the mix. If you are wondering why all my reviews dealing with a healthy looking face have all been  Ursa Major Products (face balm, face wash) and suspect that I might be working with them it isn’t true (here is a review of their shave cream that suggests otherwise. The reality is that I received a sample pack of their products and finally decided to give them all a go.

With the addition of the Ursa Major Face Tonic my routine now consists of Face Wash in the morning. I shave for the most part in the evening right after my kids go down to sleep, so after my evening shave I use the tonic. Followed by face balm to help moisturize. It seems like it is really involved but it isn’t. We are talking about a few minutes in exchange for a better looking face.

Like their other products the Ursa Major Tonic has a great scent to it which includes orange, fir and lavender in combination with witch hazel and a slew of other natural ingredients. I apply it using a cotton round rather than pouring it into my hands, I found that I lost a bit of the tonic by using simply my hands, plus the cotton round seems to make it easier to apply – even if it reminds me of being a teenager using anti-acne pads.

ursa 2Like the face wash I noticed a difference on my face nearly straight away. I would imagine that is due more to my terrible habits prior to this new leaf of face care that I have turned over, than a miracle combination of ingredients. But nevertheless my face felt very clean, perhaps fresh is a better way to describe it. Something that soap and water simply doesn’t do.

Using the tonic has several benefits but instead of re-writing them I will pull them from the Ursa Major website


  1. Cleanser to go: removes oil and grime (gives you that fresh, clean feel without any dryness or tightness)
  2. Exfoliator: brightens dull skin and clears clogged pores, while removing excess oil and shine
  3. Post-shave healer: actively combats razor bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs
  4. Toner: soothes, balances and refreshes

There are quite a few people who simply use Witch Hazel in their post shave routine (others alum block), which is great, but I think the added ingredients in the Ursa Major Face Tonic is what pushes this product over the edge. Yes it is a bit pricey, but you don’t really need much of it per use, and in the long run what are a few dollars in exchange for a healthy looking face that will be more kind to as you age.

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