Understanding The Slant Razor

Slant razors like the Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C or the Merkur Long Handle Barber Pole Slant, 39C are different from from your typical razor because there is a slant in the head of the razor. This slant causes the blade to twist in the head creating more of a slicing action – think guillotine.  The safety bar is also on a slant.  This is most desirable for men with thicker beards, or stubborn course hair because the blade is able to get closer to the face resulting in a more aggressive shave.

The slant razor is not a great starting point for beginners mainly because of its aggressiveness.  It is favored by more experienced wet shavers and as mentioned above those with hair that requires a bit more aggressiveness.

Many men after trying a slant razor do not turn back.  If used correctly using a sharp blade, like a Feather Blade, and proper preparation; the more “aggressive” slant razor could actually be gentler to your face because of the cutting motion and usually requiring fewer passes to complete your shave.  However, use the razor incorrectly and your experience could turn sour quickly.

Like nearly every product in the wet shaving world you need to try for yourself in order to get a true sense of whether or not a slant razor is right for you.  But if you have been using a standard DE razor for some time a slant razor might make a nice addition to your arsenal of shaving gear.



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