Understanding the Difference in The Edwin Jagger 8x Series

Making heads or tails of the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor line is fairly simple when compared to that of the Merkur Range. However, if you are new to the wet shaving game all the style numbers and designs could become a bit confusing. Luckily if you are considering an Edwin Jagger Razor you only have seven razors to choose from.

The only real confusion that comes from the Edwin Jagger line is from their 8x series, which currently has four variations; the 86, the 87, and two 89s (that’s right two 89s). All of these razors share the same cutting head making the handle the only difference.

The Edwin Jagger DE86


The handle of the DE86 has a faux Ebony black handle.

The Edwin Jagger DE87


The DE87 handle has a faux ivory design.

The DE89lbl


The 89 has two handles, both made of chrome.  The 89lbl (above) is lined, while the 89bl (below) has a smooth finish to it.




So your decision really comes down to what handle you prefer aesthetically given that all of the heads are the same. The only razor standing apart being the 89lbl with its lined handle – arguably providing a slightly better grip.