TopOfTheChain Chrome Safety Razor Review


Overall: 4.5 Stars
Handle: 4 Stars
Aggressiveness: 3 Stars
Weight: 5 Stars
Blade Change: 4 Stars
Affordability: 5 Stars

I generally am a bit weary when it comes to safety razors that are not generally from when of the reputable ‘big boys’. So when the guys over at reached out to me to ask me to give their new razor a try I wasn’t overly excited, and didn’t expect too much. But I am always looking for something new to review so I agreed to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. It is a sharp looking razor that provided me some great shaves over the last few days.


The first thing I notice straight away with the razor was the quality and build. I expected to receive a lightweight, flimsy razor, but instead it was a really well built razor with some serious heft. I pulled out the kitchen scale and it came in at around 3.5oz – not bad.


The extra weight of the handle doesn’t seem to take away from the balance of the razor. With the balance point being closer to the head of the razor. I have been using the razor for the last few days and I am extremely happy (mildly surprised) with the shaves it has been providing.


The handle as mentioned above has some excellent weight to it.  It is also quite substantial with a length of 3.75″. It also has a knurled hand with a nub at the base for resting your finger on. Overall the handle is comfortable and provides a good grip.

Blade Exposure:

I would classify the aggressiveness of the head to be on the mild to medium side. The exposure seemed even on both sides of the head (often a sign of poor quality).


Finally the price is perfect at $30 CDN (they ship to the U.S. as well). If it was a name brand they could easy have charged more for this razor. They have it classified as a beginner razor but I can see it potentially lasting a very long time.

For more information head over to I let them know how surprised I was with the razor and they have extended a 10% discount to TheCloseShave readers by using TheCloseShave10 coupon code.

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