Top 5 Best Aftershave Products

Whether you are using a Balm, Splash, or Lotion there is nothing like finishing off a great shave and getting you day started off on the right foot with a quality aftershave. Below is a list of five of my best aftershave products – ones that I recommend to friends.


proraso blue

Proraso Blue

I’m never without some form of Proraso, whether it be shave soap, nick sealer, or aftershave.  Their Blue aftershave provides amazing performance, a refreshing scent with hints of licorice that hydrates your skin without any sting. It comes in a thick glass bottle which is a nice touch and look great on your shelf.  Available from Amazon.

ogallala bay rum

Ogallala Bay Rum

More than few to variations to choose from; Limes and Peppercorns to Sandalwood, Ogallala Bay Rum is one of the masters in my opinion when it comes to producing Bay Rum items. I currently have a bottle of the Bay Rum and Vanilla in my shave cabinet that will need replenishing shortly. A sweet smell, great for spring or summer. Available from WestCoastShaving and Amazon.


lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger is an iconic brand with a long history along with a great name. It is alcohol free and does a great job moisturizing and revitalizing your face after a shave without any sting. It has a very refreshing citrusy scent to it with hints of grapefruit and tangerine.  The scent fades rather quickly, so if you are an cologne man you can easily splash some on without worrying about competing scents. Available from Amazon.


pinaud classic aftershave

Pinaud Classic

If you haven’t stepped into a proper barbershop since you were a kid Clubman Pinaud Classic aftershave will transport you back in an instant, with what I personally feel is the trademark barbershop scent. Nostalgia aside the Pinaud Classic works great, this alcohol based aftershave repairs your skin without drying it out, all at an affordable price. Available from Amazon.

Nivea For Men

(No image for this one. I was all out.)

Not the type of product that tends to find its way onto TheCloseShave, not because it isn’t quality, but mainly due to the high visibility in drug store and supermarkets, and I tend to focus on less mainstream products. But if a product works it works, and for the price Nivea for Men is a great option that is readily available. Available from Amazon.

Of course this best aftershave list is not the list to end all lists, you could spend more, you could spend less, but I’m confident you won’t be disappointed with my top five. What would you add to this list? Comments below.

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