Some Tips on a Better Neck Shave

About a month ago I posted this article after my friend Mike expressed some issues he was having with sensitive skin and shaving. The topic came up again a few days ago and he elaborated that the issue was had more to do with his neck than with anything else. I’m sure many of us have experienced it, razor burn and bumps, discomfort while shaving, ingrown hairs, redness, nicks, you get the idea.

So to get more specific here are some tips I gave him on getting a better neck shave:

Pre-Shave Oil

The first thing that I suggested to my friend was to start using pre-shave oil.  I gave him a extra bottle that I had, I have only recently started using pre-shave oil, but I am noticing a difference in my shaves so I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt his cause.  Wet your face, apply the oil, then some shave cream.

Grain Mapping

The next thing I suggested was for him to map out his beard grain. I asked him what direction he was what direction he would shave on his neck (he was shaving from chin down), and told him to change direction, from the neck to the chin. You want to shave in the direction of your grain, however your grain may not actually be growing in the direction you think it is. So a quick mapping will help your sort that out.

Prep Prep Prep

I also stressed the importance of proper preparation. Lots and lots of water, along with a good wash, and a scrub.

Razor Change

A more costly option was to change razors or pick up another razor specifically for while shaving his neck that was less aggressive than the one he was currently using (or better yet pick up one of my new favourite razors the Merkur Progress and he could change the aggressiveness on the fly). Of course before dishing out cash on a new razor a change in blade brand could also prove helpful.


Let the razor do the work.  Little to no pressure while shaving.


Finally, to remember that your neck area is a bumpy place and he should try to flatten the skin as much as possible to give the razor as flat a surface as possible to to its job.

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