Three Razor Shave – Final Thoughts

8752844981_9a5402b25e_oAfter a week of using three razors instead of one I feel ready to make some quick observations of my experience.  As I wrote in this post, my first shave went well. Using a different razor for each pass resulted in a close, comfortable shave, but most importantly irritation free.  That first shave was performed on two days growth, so I was curious and a bit concerned as to how subsequent shaves were going to go, specifically using my Merkur 37C slant razor on a single days growth; a razor I generally reserve for days of two or more days worth of hair growth.

I’m happy to report that using the 37C, at least for a single pass did very little in the way of creating any irritation or pain. The same can be said for using my Edwin Jagger 89lbl for the second, and my Gillette travel tech for my third pass.  Just for the hell of it on my final shave of the week I switched razors around and used my Bakelite Slant for my first pass, my Merkur 1904 Classic for my second, and my Wilkinson Sword razor for my final pass and achieved similar results.

I shaved five times this week each with a days growth except for the first shave and never once felt that I received a poor or irritating shave using the three razor method. But I tend to achieve the same results using a single razor, with the exception of perhaps my slant razors which I don’t really use day to day. Those who may benefit most from this method are those with sensitive skin, me not being one of them. What I liked most about this approach is that it allows me to use more of my razors. I have more than a few razors and this method makes for extra justification in my razor collection.