The Three Razor Shave

A while back I came across this blog post that suggested that using three separate razors when shaving will provide you with the ultimate shave. The idea being that each razor that is used has a specific purpose – much like how a woodworker would not use 60 grit paper to finish a piece of furniture – a wet shaver shouldn’t use an aggressive razor for a final pass. Makes sense. In theory anyways. So I have decided to use the three razor method this week to see if it is the way forward for me; hopefully updating posts on a daily basis as to how that particular days shave went.

For my shave I decided to use, from aggressive to mild, my Merkur 37C slant razor, my Edwin Jagger 89lbl, and my Gillette Travel Tech. For shave cream I will be using my trusty tub of TOBS Avocado. I had two days worth of growth so my razor of choice on a normal day would have been the 37C anyways so made sense to start with that. Loaded with an Astra blade the 37C did a fine job of chopping down the whiskers, leaving my face, at least to the eye, nicely shaved but clearly with some work to do.

My second pass is where the three razor method begins to make some sense. Why would I use my most aggressive razor – a razor I only use when I have multiple days worth of growth – for my second pass when the hair on my face is equivalent of, if not less than a days growth? I lathered again, and with an Astra blade in my 89lbl went to work – debated whether all the passes should be with the grain – then decided to keep the rest of the routine the same and went across the grain as I would have otherwise. The result after my second pass was irritation free, and a face that was nearly rid of all hair except where I normally require a bit more attention (along my jawline, specifically on the left side of my face). Do I normally feel different or have a different result after a couple of passes? Not really.

IMG_6705Pass number three was against the grain, using my Gillette travel tech, which was once again loaded with an Astra blade. Once again the result were quite nice, a really close shave maybe a 9.5/10 (always room for improvement) I would say that I would rate most of my shaves between an 8 to 9.5 so this method may end up being more about skin irritation than closeness of shave. I like to use my Alum stick as a gauge to how poor or rough a shave was on my face, and I will have to say that it was on the low end of the scale – very little stinging from the alum.

After one shave using the three razor method I will have to say that overall the experience was more interesting than life changing. However, I may see a benefit for those who have sensitive skin – I do not. I will have to point out that I generally have better all around shaves with multiple days growth, so tomorrow’s shave will provide a different perspective. Of course if you only own one razor this experiment and article is meaningless – and based on this single experience, I’m not sure anyone should be running out purchasing additional razors just yet.