The Shaving Scuttle

For those who are unfamiliar with the shaving scuttle it is intended to warm your shaving soap, brush, or both.  It is not one of those items that every wet shaver tends to use but there are those that enjoy the warmth the scuttle brings to the lather and brush when applying to your beard.  The top portion of your shaving scuttle has a bowl for you brush and soap which is attached to a reservoir that has a spout allowing you to fill it with hot water and in turn empty it when finished.

Using a Scuttle is really rather straight forward: add hot water, allow it some time to heat up the soap and brush, and apply.  But here are some suggestions to improve your experience.

  • Before adding water to the scuttle run warm water all over it – depending on the temperature of you shaving area it should allow the water to stay warmer longer
  • Add the water to the scuttle before jumping in the shower
  • Time permitting, when you exit the shower empty the scuttle and refill it with hot tap water
  • Lather up and toss the brush into the bowl while you shave – it should keep you brush nice and warm

As mentioned above the shaving scuttle is not a necessary item (nor is having multiple brushes and razors) but it does add another dimension to your shave.

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