The Parker 92R Revisited

A few weeks back I wrote a review of the Parker 92r, I was disappointed because everything pointed to what should have been a great match, but I just couldn’t get comfortable with the razor. A few weeks on and I think I have found a place and a role for my Parker 92R.

Since my initial review of the 92R I have had the chance to use it several times. The first of these subsequent uses was after several days of growth – when I would normally have used my 37C or my Bakelite Slant. The resulting shave was extraordinarily comfortable and extremely close. A different experience than with my first experience with the 92R.

P1020852I continued to use the 92R exclusively with several days growth, and with each shave had similar results. I had, happily, found a role for my Parker. Shaves that I had reserved for my Merkur 37C and Bakelite Slant, now included the 92R.

To be sure that it wasn’t simply a frame of mind I tried the razor again with a single days growth and the results were less desirable, very much like my initial experience. Of course people will have different experiences using the same razor. For me the Parker 92R is not an everyday razor, instead being reserved for those days with multiple days growth.