The Parker 89R – A Review


Blade Change:

If someone would have told me prior to using the Parker 89R safety razor that it may knock my Edwin Jagger 89lbl off its perch of preferred razor I wouldn’t have believed you. But after a few weeks of exclusive use, and despite more than a few nicks and cuts during the first few shaves, the Parker 89R is definitely threatening my EJ 89lbl as my go to razor.

When I ordered the Parker 89R I wasn’t expecting much. The order was really more out of curiosity and education than anything else. When I first opened the box I was impressed by the build, and concerned by the blade exposure, and it seems that I was correct on both counts.

My immediate reaction while using the razor for the first time was one of surprise, it felt great to hold and maneuver, it did a nice job shaving – very comfortable, eventually leading to a flinch from a lovely cut that I gave myself.

To be fair the cut was due to my own negligence, a bit of too comfortable and confident with a new razor, and a bit of forgetting about the blade exposure. The cutting and nicking continued for a few more days, but I have, happily worked out my control issues.

The Parker 89RBalance 5/5:
The balance of this razor is possible my favourite aspect of this razor. It feels great, not too heavy not too light. I’m sure that the longer handle has something to do with the added weight. If you are used to plastic replaceable razors this will be a surprising change.

I had doubts about the longer hand, having grown accustomed to using shorter handles, but it actually feels very natural. The longer handle may be appealing to those thinking about getting started in classic wet shaving – it’s one last thing to adjust to.

Grip 5/5:
I was a bit concerned about the grip of the Parker 89R but after using it with both wet and dry hands I didn’t run into any issues.  The handle itself looks great, has a nice design, the divots provide a nice anchoring point. No complaints from me here.

Blade Exposure: Aggressive
The Parker 89RWithout a doubt this is the most aggressive, non slant razor that I own, and to be honest I would go as far as saying that it is more aggressive than my two slant razors. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, it is just good to know that if you pick this razor up, be aware that it more than likely shaves differently than your other razors. The photo above demonstrates the blade gap the Parker 89R has, I was able to fit and entire wrapped blade in the gap, as opposed to my Edwin Jagger where it the same was not anywhere near possible. I used my digital caliper to try to get a measurement of the two – the Parker 89R came in at roughly 1.75mm while the gap on the Edwin Jagger 89lbl was about 1.25 mm. Doesn’t seem like much but tell that to my chin.

Price: 5/5
Whether this is would be your first safety razor or simply an addition to your collection you can’t really go wrong with the price. A quality razor that covers its bases.

The Parker 89RI really enjoy using the Parker 89R, overall it provides a great experience and a nice price, I am actually surprised that it doesn’t receive much attention. If this is your first double edge razor purchase, and you would classify yourself as an impatient individual, I would guide you towards the Edwin Jagger 89lbl only because the larger blade exposure is less forgiving. Having said that I wouldn’t want to turn someone away from picking up this razor because once you become accustomed to the blade gap it really does provide a great shave and experience.