The Parker 100% Black Badger Shave Brush – A Review

The Parker 100% Black Badger Shave Brush makes a great first brush for anyone starting out in classic shaving.  It is a well made brush and with it’s relatively low price makes it a great introductory brush.  That is not to say that it wouldn’t satisfy the veteran of classic shaving.

The knot on this Black Badger Hair brush is tight, the hairs on the brush are not too fine, and the fake ivory handle provides a reasonable grip even with wet hands.  In fact the only issue with the construction of this brush is the markings on the handle seems to rub off after repeated use.

The course bristles to this Parker allows for easy generation of lather, along with plenty of rich creamy lather, when using shaving soap.  Application is good as well, bearing in mind the price of this brush, one would have to argue that it is excellent – providing an even, quality application, and the bristles provide an almost scratchiness feeling while applying.

Overall the Parker 100% Black Badger Brush provides a quality experience for a minimal price.