The Melting of Ogallala Bay Rum & Lemon Grass Shaving Soap

shave soapOne of the benefits of running a wet shaving blog is that I have a cabinet full of shaving creams and soaps – a plethora of scents to choose from. One of the downsides of running a wet shaving blog is that I have a cabinet full of shaving creams and soaps – more than I could every get through in a life time. For the most part I try to keep the soaps I really love and try to distribute the others to my friends who wet shave (not many), and more importantly to friends who I am trying to convert (which usually includes the lending of a brush).

The latest soap I reviewed was the Ogallala Bay Rum & Lemon Grass, a nice soap but the puck was a bit too large for my shaving mug. I thought that it would make a great opportunity to share some more soap and take a try at melting soap – allowing me to keep some and pass some along to some friends. I had never tried melting soap so I had no idea how it would turn out.

The process was really easy, I can’t speak about other soaps but melting the Ogallala Bay Rum & Lemon Grass soap was as simple as tossing it in the microwave for roughly a minute and pouring the soap into your desired container.

I decided to divide the soap into three parts using small glass bowls, one for me and the other two for a couple of friends. I nuked the soap in a measuring cup for 30 seconds which produced a soap that was part liquid and part solid. An additional 30 seconds made the soap ready to pour. I filled the bowls  waited 20 minutes, and my one puck was now three.

P1010063I would imagine most people are less interested in melting down their soap so they could distribute it amongst friends, but I can see people, especially with a large soap like the Ogallala Bay Rum & Lemon Grass, wanting to melt it into the shave bowl of their choice. Not only will it allow it to fit, but it will also secure it to the walls of your bowl making it that much easier to lather. Of course there is always the enjoyable aspect of just being able to melt shave soap for the sake of melting it.