The Legend London – Alum Matches

IMG_20141005_081425Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit and write any reviews or articles in some time. The sad reality is my job has been getting in the way. As a result I have started to develop a bit of a backlog of items that need to be tested and discussed.

I received a pack of these Alum Matchsticks in my first box from Wet Shave Club, having never seen anything like them before I was curious to see how they work, and more importantly how well they work.

IMG_20141005_082048I’ll be honest it seemed a bit weird at first, they look and feel like matchsticks, making it a bit odd to use initially. The reality is that they are very much matchsticks but with some alum on the tip.

So, do they work? Yes. Very simple – wet the tip and apply to your nic or your entire face.

They are handy, easy to store, good for travelling and great if you have multiple shavers in the home and rather than share an alum block. But I’m not sure how necessary, or if they are much of an improvement over the styptic pencil or alum block.

The biggest problem I guess is if you get the matchbook wet, which is not unlikely, you essential lose the remaining matchsticks. I also find that the matchstick itself is a bit too tiny to use comfortably – I mean if there wasn’t other options fine – but there are.

IMG_20141005_082523I do think that The Legends London Alum Matchsticks have their place however. Barbershops should be all over these things; simple, hygienic, and relatively inexpensive. If you are in a situation with multiple shavers – like a flatshare or dorm room. Or to toss into your travel bag.

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