The L.A. Shaving Soap Company Vanilla Eucalyptus Mint Shave Soap Review

Price: 9
Cushion: 10
Slickness: 9
Scent Pleasantness: 10
Scent Strength (balance): 10
Moisturising: 10


I have been using the Vanilla Eucalyptus Mint Shave Soap from The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company for the past few days. One of three samples I received from a fellow wet shaver. I didn’t have any experience or knowledge of the L.A. Shaving Soap Company prior to receiving these so I was a somewhat excited to try something new.

IMG_20131130_094405Prior to using the soap I popped over to their website to see what I can learn. Besides being a one man operation, all of his soaps are vegan and cruelty free. The one man operation is always cool, I support the cruelty free aspect, the vegan aspect is equally cool but to be honest I’m not too concerned whether or not my shave soap is vegan – but I can appreciate those who are. However, the vegan angle did make me wonder if the soap would perform well.

I’m happy to report that it performed really well. Using my Vie-Long Horse Hair brush and a bit of patience I was able to produce an impressive lather, with lots of volume, and gave me great cushion. The soap also left my face feeling rather moisturized – so a victory on two fronts for this vegan shave soap.

The combination of the Vanilla Eucalyptus & Mint provided an awesome experience with each providing a different experience. As one would expect the Eucalyptus provided a bit of an eye opening punch, the vanilla a level of comfort, and the mint was…well…minty. I would say that no single scent dominated the other. Nor was the overall combination overpowering.

In the end I would say this might be one of the better soaps that I have used in a long time – maybe ever. I’m excited about the next two samples I have sitting in my cabinet. Take a look at the website, there are some other goodies there along with their soap.

Tools in image:
Edwin Jagger 89lbl
Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush