The Great Barber Shops – Looking for Submissions

barbers_pole230A while back I reviewed a tub of Cella Shave Cream in which I described my experience at a barber shop in Tropea, Italy. It was by far the greatest experience that I have ever had in a barber shop chair. There was very little conversation outside of how I wanted my hair cut and if I was up for a shave. I was in the hands of a master, the barber was focused on his trade – there was no television to distract him, just some music in the background, nor was there any conversation with his fellow barber and any of the waiting customers. I walked out of there with the smoothest shave ever and feeling great.

I wasn’t running this blog at the time, if I was it would have been my first submission in what I hope to be a new feature on TheCloseShave – The Great Barber Shops.

I realize that the main purpose of this blog is reviewing products and techniques that you can use at home, but there is something to be said about a great shave from a real master. The barber shop also provides, let’s face it, if done right, an atmosphere that can’t be duplicated.

What I am looking for are user submissions on their great barber shop experiences. A database if you will that one could access if they are travelling to New York, London, Rome, or wherever. If I could, I would visit them all myself, but unfortunately I am trapped in suburbia that doesn’t really offer much in the way of proper barber shops. So I am turning to my readers.

A photo or two along with a quick write up on the barber(s) and what makes the experience, a truly great experience is what I am looking for – along with an address that I could plug into Google maps.

If you are interested in contributing or have some suggestions drop me an email:

I hope to hear from many of you.

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