The Cold Water Shave

cold water shaveI never seem to be satisfied when it comes to the weather. I find the winters much too cold and the summers much too hot. I’m not really sure what has happened to fall and spring, they seemed to last much longer when I was a kid. In an effort to make the most of the recent run of hot humid days, I thought it would be an ideal time to give cold water shaving try.

Cold water shaving has never really been that appealing to me – why would I give up the comfort of warm water for the frigid chill coming from the cold side of the tap? But given the fact that I am covered by a layer of sweat as soon as I take a step out my front door, now seemed a good a time as any.

The arguments for a cold water shave include the following: unlike warm water that softens your hair, cold water makes it stiff and as a result easier to shave, if you have sensitive skin cold water should be less irritating for you, the cold water is apparently less harsh on your brush, and the cold water will help with blade life.

Of the above reasons I am mainly concerned with the better shave. I don’t have sensitive skin, I’m not too concerned about blade life or being too protective of my brushes.

P1030064I normally have a shower prior to shaving but decided to shave later in the day, hours after my morning shower, simply because there is no way that I am taking a cold shower. As I mentioned above I don’t really get along with cold water. With face cloth at the ready I turned on the cold tap. After the initial two second shock from the cold water it really wasn’t all that bad. Obviously the process felt different, but it also left me feeling unprepared for my shave which was a concern.

I was using my trusted TOBS Avocado cream so I broke out my badger brush and allowed the cold water to dampen the brush.  As expected there was no difference in the way I had to build my lather or the final product outside of it being much cooler than usual.

The real test came with the shave, and I was more than surprised by the results. It felt as though I wasn’t shaving at all, the blade loaded in my Merkur 37C glided along my face. I had a couple of days growth but you wouldn’t have figured that because the razor, although performing, felt like it wasn’t doing any work. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than running a blade-less razor across my face would have felt the same.

Although I don’t really suffer from sensitive skin my face felt better than it normally does fresh, tight, no indications that I had just scraped a sharp bladed across my face several times.

I can’t believe I’m making this statement, but I believe I have been converted to the cold water shave. The experience was that good – at least for me. Perhaps in the future I will inject, at least for the last portion, a cold shower as well. Have you tried the cold water shave? Have your say.