Taylor of Old Bond Street St. James Shaving Cream – A Review

Price: 8
Cushion: 10
Slickness: 9
Scent Pleasantness: 8
Scent Strength (balance): 10
Moisturising: 10

IMG_20131104_144510A few years ago I moved from my Canadian suburbia to London, England. The main reason for my move – Arsenal Football Club. That is correct. I took a leave of absence from work, found a teaching job in London, rented a flat that had a view of the stadium, and settled in for my year with Arsenal. Unfortunately, we didn’t come away with any trophies that year but it was great nevertheless. At the time I wasn’t a wet shaver, and as a result I unfortunately missed out on many glorious wet shaving opportunities.

Eight years later and I am planning another part time move – anywhere really but a return to London is in the forefront. Although my love for the Arsenal continues, this time around I am thinking that instead of renting a flat in Islington with a view of the stadium, I am going to try to find myself something around Jermyn Street, hopefully with a view of the Taylor of Old Bond Street Headquarters. Who knows maybe I will abandon teaching and try to get some work there.

What am I going on about you ask? After about a week of use, I have had yet another wonderful experience with one of TOBS shave creams and it has me dreaming of living in a world surrounded by things that I love; my football team and great shaving cream, oh and my family. The product is their St. James’ Shave Cream, and my first time using one of their soaps in tube form.

For the record their cream in a tube provided, at least for me, the same experience as in the tub. My lather was very consistent from shave to shave; a nice rich lather, great protection, slick surface for my blade, and left my face feeling soft.

When it came to reviewing this cream I was more concerned with the scent than with the performance. Prior to the St. James’ Shave Cream all of my products from TOBS have been, unintentionally, citrus based – Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime – and one of my top five favourites their Avocado shave cream, and all of them performed fantastically. So, when it came to this tube I wasn’t sure what to expect.

IMG_20131104_145224The scent is a major departure from the other creams that I have used. The St. James’ Shave Cream has more of a perfume-y scent to it, more manly than anything else, not womanly at all. I wouldn’t put it the same category as say La Toja – which for me screams manly barber shop, but it does have a classiness about it. For the record TOBS describes the scent as having

A fresh masculine fougere opening with bergamot and mandarin intertwined with citrus ozone notes supported by a fruity floral heart resting on a woody amber base. Contains Coriander oil, Geranium oil, Lavandin Grosso, Lemon oil, Patchouli oil, Pine oil and Spearmint oil.

The scent isn’t too overpowering either, just strong enough to enjoy it – not punch you out.

The St. James’ Shaving Cream is another great offering from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Great lather, great scent, and a great overall experience in my opinion. If you have only tried there less ‘traditional’ scents this is a departure but one I don’t think you will disappointed in. Now let’s just hope that the crew at TOBS headquarters are Arsenal supporters.

Tools in photos:
Edwin Jagger Best Badger
Merkur 37C