Take a Break and Shave

ticking-clock1The usual arguments for making the switch from cartridge shaving are that it will save you money and will provide you with a closer more comfortable shave.  What is hardly ever mentioned is that wet shaving gives you some time to slow down.  Personally my life is non-stop action from the moment twin A wakes up at 6.30 until twin B finally goes to sleep roughly 12 hours later.  Any time after that is usual filled with getting some house work done, work work done, and possibly a walk for the dog.  My entire day is one big rush.

The one moment in the day that things slow down is when I finally get a chance to shave.  I try daily, usually at night after the dog has been walked, or right before I hit the sack.  Wet shaving forces me to slow down – because if I do try to speed things up I could end up a bloody mess.

The warm face cloth gives me a moment to take a deep breath.  The methodical nature of building and then applying the lather to my face allows me to collect my thoughts.  Then of course the process of shaving that requires me to focus on what I am doing otherwise running the risk of some serious wounds – allows my mind to go blank if even just for a few moments.  In fact there are times that I debate just using a straight razor exclusively – it may help me enter a moment of zen.  The best part of the whole thing is that I get to do it all over again with my second, and if it is the weekend, my third pass.

Without getting into a debate over the quality of modern shaving, the use of a cartridge razor and canned shave cream just doesn’t provide you with the same experience.

If I sound a bit over the top it is not intentional.  I am sure that there are many of you out there that live a relatively calm, easy flowing life.  But I am also sure that many of us do not, whether through fault of our own or simply because of it being unavoidable, have a moment to spare most days.  Not that you needed an added reason to justify your decision to be a classic wet shaver, but taking back some time to yourself can be added to the list.

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