Straight Razor Shaving – Revisited

About a year ago I started using a straight razor – it was a false start. I failed to make it part of my routine and the razor – given to me by my friends father – eventually found its way to the back of the shave cabinet.

There is definitely a learning curve to using the razor that extends beyond simply learning how to hold the razor. You need to considering honing, cleaning, learning how to use a strop. If I’m honest, I needed more education. So I’m starting over from the beginning.

Starting at the beginning means discussing and understanding the various parts of the safety razor, and although there are more than enough articles out there breaking down the different parts of the straight razor I am going to go over them again here – for both my benefit and for anyone who wants to join me on this straight razor journey.


Learning the various parts of the straight razor makes following tutorials that much easier. Over the next few weeks we will continue to look at other aspects of straight razor shaving like using a strop, honing, and of course shaving. If you haven’t tried using a straight razor this might be a good time to get on board and share your own experience.

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