One Blade – Getting Started With Straight Razor Shaving ~ Part 1

In part 1 in this series, we are going to take a look at the elements of the straight razor, suggested starting points, and advantages to using a straight razor.  The lost art of using a straight razor is making somewhat of a comeback in the shaving world.  Men everywhere are realizing the advantages of using a straight razor over their cartridge system.  But many still, are resistant, either because of not understanding the benefit of a straight razor or out of fear of giving themselves a Barber of Fleet Street type scar reminding them of the time they had a bright idea.  Luckily with a bit of education both of these items can be avoided.

Why the Straight Razor

The final result.  Shaving with a straight razor, when used properly, will not only provide you with one of the closest shave you have ever had, but also reduce skin irritation and ingrown hairs that are more common with cartridge systems housing multiple blades.

Economic impact.  Although a slightly expensive start up cost – the long run has you saving loads of cash considering the cost of replacement cartridge blades.

Environmental Impact

Think about how many blades you go through a week and multiple that by every man on the planet using a disposable system.  With a straight razor you can resharpen and reuse it for as long as you own it.


Straight razor shaving forces you to slow down.  Many of us, me included, go through life in a rush or hurry in one way or another.  Straight razor shaving allows you to focus on what you are doing, moving quickly will have terrible – possible bloody – repercussions.  Given you some well deserved you time.

Parts of the Straight Edge Razor



Things to look for when purchasing your first straight razor.

The Construction – Don’t settle on an inexpensive razor.  You are looking for one with quality steel.  It will provide you with a sharper, more comfortable shave.

The width of the blade.  For those first starting out, you may want to stick to a blade that is 5/8 in size.  Like the Dovo Straight Razor pictured at the top of this article.

Also look for a rounded point, like the Dovo “Master’s” Straight Razoras appose to a sharp point.  You are less likely to cut yourself.

Suggested Razors
Black Handle Straight Razor (5/8 inch) razor by Dovo
Dovo Renaissance Straight Razor
Boker USA King Cutter Carbon Steel Straight Razor has a list of razors to avoid.

Part 2 of this series of Articles will look at Stropping, Honing, and Preparation